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Behind-the-Scenes: Saturday Night Dinner Plans

“On Saturday night, I rendezvoused at fashion editor Hellin Kay’s third annual celebration for her blog, Hosted at The Thompson Hotel Beverly Hills’s yummy restaurant, Caulfield’s, the six-course menu coupled dishes with personally selected wines. We started with fried squash blossoms, Sonoma goat cheese and pumpkin seed mole with The Messenger White Wine Number One. A few lamb meatballs, duck fried rice servings, and many wine pours later, we ended with fried doughnut holes and a chocolate mousse roll. As delicious as it was, the best part wasn’t the food—before digging in, each of the 30 guests headed to the upstairs section of the restaurant to check out one of the blogger’s favorite lines of footwear: Tsubo. I gravitated towards the patent leather loafers (see pic). They are the perfect fall shoe.”

— Karen Levy, Senior Entertainment Editor, Los Angeles