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Behind the Scenes: “Say It With Color” Story (from the April 2014 issue)

As our annual Color Issue, the April 2014 book is (naturally) a riot of color. It’s a celebration, really. But how did the happy, hue-tastic pages come to be? Each piece was plucked from a rainbow—literally. The InStyle conference room was packed with racks upon racks of intensity-driven shades, sorted into a spectrum and ready for editorial scrutiny. The result—a pretty sight that proved to be the perfect winter antidote.

But that’s not all! “We interviewed nearly 25 color pros and designers to find out the message each of these shades communicate,” says InStyle Associate Editor Christina Shanahan, who oversaw the story.

Pick up the April 2014 issue, available on newsstands and for digital download Friday, March 14.

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